Rising Star 2022

30 November 2022

Declan Henderson - apetito Ltd

In the last year, Declan has driven innovation within category development to launch new trailblazing ranges, which have delivered growth and market leadership back to our business.


These include:

Finger Food Bites: For the very first time, residents that live with dementia or co-ordination difficulties can feed themselves nutritionally balanced meals in one bite without having to use cutlery. The range of 12 dishes means residents can have the freedom to pick up and put down a complete hot meal with no mess and with minimal residue left on fingers. This is set to change the way care homes plan their strategic menus and enable them to provide a positive, inclusive, dining experience for residents who are living with dementia.

Level 5 Meals: This range of texture modified meals are compliant with IDDSI descriptors (International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative) meaning they are safe to eat for those with swallowing difficulties. Declan has driven innovation in this area by introducing Level 5 moulded meals - the first ever to be brought to market - understanding the need for enhanced visual appeal within this range and the importance of dining with dignity.