Sustainable Packaging Initiative 2022

30 November 2022

apetito Ltd - Boomerang: a first for large-scale closed loop recycling

apetito’s purpose has always been to “make a real difference” and nowhere is this evidenced more passionately than in the launch of its ‘Boomerang’ packaging initiative.


‘Boomerang’ is believed to be the world’s first large-scale, closed-loop recycling initiative for tens of thousands of its Wiltshire Farm Food customers and their ready-meal trays.

Our consumers eat their meals, wash the trays, and then hand them back to the driver and they are then recycled into new trays at our facility in Durham.

This project is unique and generates far better environmental results than household recycling. We 100% guarantee that every tray we collect will be turned into new trays. In just four months since launch, we have returned more than 100 tonnes of trays for recycling, saving over 850 tonnes of Co2 emissions.