Diet and Health 2018

20 September 2018

apetito - Mini Meals Extra

apetito's customers are some of the most vulnerable in society and we strive to make a real difference to their lives.


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Malnutrition affects more than three million people in the UK at any time. One third of care home residents, over 25% of hospital patients, and one million people living at home are malnourished.

What we did

apetito recognised the significance of this problem and engaged with dietitians, influencers (people purchasing for others), and healthcare professionals, to understand how we could support them. Insight described people being overwhelmed by food and thereby notcific legal or other professional advice consuming sufficient nutrients. This led to the conception of our new product range – Mini Meals Extra.

Key elements

Mini Meals Extra was designed to offer a nutritious meal in a manageable portion size to individuals at risk of malnutrition. The range of 11 meals offers:
500 calories per meal.

At least 20 grams of protein per meal.
A manageable 280-300g meal portion size.

We recognised that malnutrition was a major problem and as experts, we needed to act.
85% agreed that Mini Meals Extra has improved their quality of life and 75.2% have seen at least one improvement in their health.

Healthcare professionals agreed with us on the severity of the issue. Pat Taylor, Company Dietitian, MITIE Healthcare said: “The Mini Diet and Health 2018 Meals Extra range tick lots of boxes for us… I get excited if I can give people the smallest amount of food but the maximum amount of nutrition and calories.” The project has also enabled customers to reduce their food wastage with 96.1% saying they now eat at least 80% of their meal (50.7% before).