Diet and Health 2019

19 September 2019

Kellogg's – Kellogg's Coco Pops Sugar Reduction

Kellogg's Coco Pops is one of the best-selling cereals in the UK but has often been criticised as having a high sugar content.


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Kellogg's is committed to public health and listening to our consumers, helping them make healthier choices at breakfast. As a result, we decided to significantly reduce the amount of sugar in this product.

Food renovations can be notoriously complex and this ambitious sugar reduction project was no different. We set ourselves the challenge to not only reduce the total sugar level by 40% (from 30% to 17%), but to also maintain the same great Coco Pops taste.

Leveraging previous sugar renovation learnings from the global team and applying them across multiple food trials, we finally succeeded. This was achieved by utilising cocoa and flavour creation technology to deliver the desired flavour, texture and appearance with a lower sugar level, without using artificial sweeteners.

A truly cross-functional team needed to pull together to make this happen. Food technologists worked on maintaining the great Coco Pops taste with a lower sugar level; Marketing developed our advertising campaign to convey our “30% less sugar, same great taste” message and Wellbeing defined the food brief requirements and partnered closely with Marketing to ensure the “30% less sugar” claim could be fully substantiated in the UK and other European markets.

This project was proof that significant sugar reductions are possible and can be applied to other brands. It answered the needs of our consumers and was a positive story to share with our retailer partners.