Diet and Health 2019

19 September 2019

Kerry Taste & Nutrition - Optimising Beverage Menus in Foodservice

As a leader in taste and nutrition, we are passionate about helping make the world of food and beverage better for everyone.


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We have a range of innovative technologies that enables us to make foods healthier and more nutritious without compromising on the taste consumers love.

We have always put a significant focus on nutritional optimisation for our foodservice customers through reformulation and NPD, to address the consumer demand for health and wellness without compromising on taste.

Along with health and wellness, consumers are seeking more natural ingredients they trust, Kerry's 'from-food-for-food' heritage allows us to create natural solutions to nutritionally optimize foods.

Our continued focus to improving menus through the nutritional composition and menu offerings will enable our customers to provide healthier products and choices for their consumers.