Exporter of the Year 2020

03 February 2021

Wyke Farms Ltd

Sponsored by Santander UK

The Wyke Farms brand is one of the oldest and most widely distributed cheddar brands in the UK. You can find their products in over 160 countries around the world, including France, where the Wyke Farms brand is listed in all of the national retailers. With a wealth of unique values and world-class quality, Wyke Farms has carved an enviable position in the International Cheddar market that delivers sustainable growth and margin to the business and supply chain.


Wyke Farms Ltd have been exporting cheddar since 1994, after attending a trade mission to Bordeaux organised by DTI. Throughout the 1990’s their European business grew strongly, supported by Defra funding to run instore tastings. Their current markets include Europe, the Far East, Middle East, Africa and the US.

The guiding principle behind the Wyke Farms’ International growth development is a strategic approach to market prioritisation, considering global macro trends and recognising key industry, market, trade and societal drivers to identify markets and regions with highest potential. This knowledge is pivotal to brand development and Wyke Farms have a brand portfolio that meet specific customer needs and NPD with KOSHER ranges for Israel, and a premium Vintage cheddar brand ‘Ivy’s Reserve’ for established cheddar regions such as US and Canada.