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The FDF informs the Government’s international trade policy priorities and provides advice to its members on trade and customs issues.

The FDF also offers further information to guide your company on issues arising as a result of changing terms of trade as the UK Government seeks to negotiate new trade agreements with countries and territories around the world. 

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Latest updates

UK food and drink regional exports report

The FDF’s newly released food and drink exports report analyses trends for UK food and drink trade in 2021, with a focus on the four nations.

For the UK, exports are down in 2021, yet some regions are showing promising signs of recovery, especially Scotland, Wales, the North East of England and the West Midlands.

The share of exports destined for non-EU markets is increasing in most regions, with particularly strong growth in London. As the UK increases opportunities around the globe, it is also important for the sector to improve the implementation of the UK-EU trade agreement, as the EU remains the largest market for all regions.

This report shows the importance of the food and drink sector in every region of the UK, and support for our sector would deliver growth and jobs in every region, aiding the government’s levelling up agenda.

Trade snapshot: Full Year 2021

The FDF’s newly released 2021 Trade Snapshot analyses trends for UK food and drink trade in 2021.

Non-EU markets showed signs of recovery from 2020’s losses, with exports up from 2020 levels, and imports higher than in 2019. Exports to most regions increased in 2021, with Central and South America up more than 62%. Since 2020, total imports are down around 4%, however imports from non-EU markets have increased 6.5%.

We have seen a strong rebound for exports to Israel and East Asia. This was helped by the updated UK-Japan agreement which came into force in 2021. UK Government also plans to renegotiate the continuity trade agreement with Israel, improving market access for UK exporters.

Following a large fall in Q1 2021, trade with the EU partially recovered later in the year, though it remains significantly below pre-pandemic levels. Exports to the EU were 12.0% lower than 2020 and 15.5% lower than 2019.




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Ukraine crisis

We're urgently working with FDF member companies in our sector to understand the impact of the sanctions imposed on Russia. Businesses want to do the right thing in ensuring they abide by the measures taken by governments in response to Russian aggression. 

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EU rules on composite products

New requirements for exporting products to the EU which include ingredients of animal origin come into effect on 21 April 2021. This resource will help members understand the new rules on Composite Products and ensure you stay informed and up to date with the changes needed.

borders and customs

Border policy

The FDF works with government to deliver world leading border and customs processes to reduce trade friction and helps ensure business awareness of changing border requirements.


Exports promotion

The FDF works in partnership with government and other stakeholders to help UK manufacturers take advantage of export opportunities, including through new UK trade agreements.


EU exit

The FDF produces a range of resources to help guide companies through the complexities arising as the UK leaves the EU. This includes our Brexit Roadmap resource. The FDF also runs various Brexit-related committees.


Trade policy

The FDF seeks to ensure the prioritisation of food and drink in the government’s trade policy, so that UK manufacturers benefit from improved market access with reduced trade barriers and tariffs.

Report: Trade snapshot: Full year 2021

18 March 2022

The FDF’s newly released 2021 Trade Snapshot analyses trends for UK food and drink trade in 2021.

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EU customs and trade support

We have been working to put in place a range of solutions that will help members moving goods into and out of the EU. This includes a programme of training courses, free expert guidance, customs support and staffing assistance.

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Report: Eating into household budgets: the Government’s recipe for food price inflation

20 July 2021

This report looks at the impact UK Government policies will have on food prices for both our food and drink manufacturing businesses and our household shopping baskets across the UK.

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Webinar: The future of imports: what you need to do to keep your goods moving

10 September 2021

Listen to this webinar for a full insight into the future of imports from the EU into the UK and what key guidance you need to know in order to continue trading without friction.

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