Food and Drink Scientist of the Year 2019

19 September 2019

David Clark - KP Snacks

Dave Clark is a Development Manager who has worked for KP Snacks since 1987. He plays a key lead role in new product and process development work in our business.


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Above and beyond the core responsibilities of his role, during his career Dave has become a specialist in a number of key food science issues that have become increasingly important, both to our own business and to that of the wider snacks industry.

His work on the management and amelioration of Acrylamide in snack products and, more recently, the reduction of waste in the manufacturing process have driven exceptional improvements for KP Snacks. These include helping us achieve leadership in our industry and meet the increasingly high goals we set ourselves in terms of our corporate responsibility agenda, such as improving our nutritional profile through fat and salt reduction and reducing waste.

Dave is also a passionate advocate for the Government's R&D Tax Expenditure Credit scheme, which is intended to support and encourage increased R&D. His focus on this has been an important driver for increasing the priority we place on R&D in our business and for driving new projects.

Dave has also been responsible for developing a number of patented processes which have helped reduce our use of packaging, improve our production processes, save money and energy, and introduce novel types of snacks.