Sustainable Packaging Initiative 2020

03 February 2021

Little Freddie Organic Baby & Toddler Food

Little Freddie is the UK’s first baby food brand to recycle all baby food pouches, from any brand, with zero waste to landfill closed-loop recycling technology. Like other baby food pouches, Little Freddie pouches are made from aluminium sandwiched in between different plastic layers. These specially designed pouches keep its food safe and fresh without the use of any preservatives and have a lower carbon footprint to create when compared to glass or other alternatives.


Using recyclable recycling bags, customers can post their empty pouches from any brand of baby food directly to Little Freddie’s recycling partner Enval via their local postbox. Enval’s first of its kind technology recycles the bags and pouches into reusable materials, so nothing goes to landfill. Retailers Sainsbury’s, Ocado, Daylesford and Eversfield Organic are hosting the recycling bags in-store on shelves and online. Budgens is also hosting pouch recycling bins in three stores.

The recycling scheme has proved successful because of its simplicity and convenience for customers. In January 2020, the scheme was expanded from recycling just Little Freddie pouches to include all baby food brands. So far, the scheme has saved over 550,000 pouches from going to landfill since it launched in November 2018.