Ferrero: Kinder Chocolate

30 August 2023

Ferrero is the third-largest producer of sweet packaged foods globally, creating unique quality products enjoyed by consumers around the world.


Ferrero has three core nutritional principles that underpin everything it does: all foods can be eaten in small portions, as part of a balanced and varied diet, combined with a physically active lifestyle.

Ferrero knows that its products bring joy to families around the UK and as a responsible company, Ferrero’s approach is to help consumers enjoy its products more thoughtfully.

  1. Life is about balance. There are no good or bad foods, only good or bad diets, and education is key. There can be a place for all foods as part of a balanced and varied diet eaten in moderation.
  2. Portion sizes matter. New research from Leeds Beckett University (paper in press) shows that people offered discretionary snacks in smaller portions eat less, rather than opting for additional portions. To help people enjoy their favourite products in small portions, Ferrero products come in small, individually wrapped portions, and over 91% of Ferrero’s portfolio comes in portions of less than 150 kcal.

Ferrero works with leading experts to encourage a thoughtful mindset when enjoying its products: its Thoughtful Treating initiative and responsible marketing approach are intended to help consumers make thoughtful choices about what they buy and how they consume Ferrero products. Ferrero has redesigned its labelling to make portion sizes and nutritional information clearer so that consumers can choose its products, such as Kinder Chocolate, more thoughtfully.

Ferrero believes that Government policy on chocolate confectionery should recognise the importance of small portion sizes in this category.

Restrictions on promotion, marketing and advertising should protect products that meet the defined calorie targets (per individually wrapped serve) originally set by PHE’s sugar and calorie reduction programmes, incentivising companies to produce products in small portions.