Delamere Dairy - export case study

29 September 2020

Cheshire based Delamere Dairy sells a range of fresh and long-life speciality dairy products using cows, goats and sheep milk, for its milks, butters, yogurts and cheeses. The company also sells a range of dairy alternative plant based products under its Planted brand, and in supermarket own label.



  • Butter & Cheese
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Celebrating 35 years in business, Delamere Dairy was founded in 1985 in Cheshire's Delamere Forest with just three goats. Today, the company turns over almost £30M with multiple sales channels throughout the UK and export customers in over 25 countries around the world. Borne from a region renowned for traditional dairy, Delamere Dairy is pushing the boundaries with its product innovation to reach markets in the UK, throughout Europe and across the globe with both its dairy and dairy alternative offerings.

Delamere Dairy sees export as a key contributor to the overall growth of the business, both in the last few years, and looking to the future. Products are now stocked on supermarket shelves in countries including America, the Caribbean, the UAE, Singapore, and Australia. Export sales account for 10% of Delamere Dairy's total turnover in 2019.

Export to countries in the Middle East is particularly strong with keen interest in the goat and sheep milk products Delamere offers, coupled with the growing demand for plant based products. Australia is a relatively new market for the company, and while there is already an understanding of goats’ milk and cheese, the breadth of Delamere’s range provides further opportunities for expansion.

In 2016, Delamere Dairy was awarded the UK's most prestigious business award – The Queen's Award for Enterprise – for its international trade achievements.

With an established network of over 25 trusted producers and packers in the UK and Europe, Delamere Dairy has the capability to bring new products to market relatively quickly. Working with specialists in each field allows Delamere Dairy to take advantage of new processing technology, resulting in a range of top quality, fresh and long-life products, and the flexibility and ability to meet market demands quickly. Overall, this leads to more listings for Delamere products, reduced wastage for retailers and improved on shelf availability for consumers.


Ed Salt, MD of Delamere Dairy said:
“By working with trusted consolidator partners in the UK and local distributors in foreign markets, as well as regular visits to export markets, we endeavour to grasp a firm understanding of the markets we export to, and we have successfully overcome several challenges around entering new markets.

“We still have great plans for expansion and growth, much of which we see coming from export markets in the short and medium term. In particular, we are keen to build on our proven track record of success in the Middle and Far East as well as exploring further opportunities in Australia and the USA.”

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