FDF UK Food and drink exports report

09 May 2022

The FDF’s new UK Food and Drink Exports report reveals the latest breakdown of food and drink exports from across the UK during 2021.

The report shows Scotland, alongside Wales and the North East of England, had the strongest recovery in response to the supply chain problems caused by COVID and the new UK-EU trading relationship. An important sign that the food and drink industry can play a vital role in Scotland’s recovery and sustainable growth.

Key findings from the report include:

  • Scotland accounts for the largest share of UK food and drink exports at almost 30% of total exports. Worth £5.7bn exports are up by nearly 15% since 2020.
  • Scotland’s recovery has largely been driven by a strong growth in exports of beverages and seafood products, together accounting for £5.2bn of total Scottish exports.
  • France is now Scotland’s largest export partner, worth more than £1bn, and exports to China nearly doubled in 2021 to just under £225m.

The share of exports to non-EU markets is increasing in Scotland, and there are big opportunities to drive further export growth through new trade deals with increased market access. However, more can be done to improve the implementation of the UK-EU trade agreement, to help companies recover exports in the EU alongside growing market share in other global markets.


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