How to Overcome Labour and Skills Challenges with Digital Transformation

16 March 2022

As businesses in the food and drink sector continue to deal with a number of challenges - including declining labour availability and skills shortages - the need for digital transformation has never been greater.

But how can digital transformation help you to deal with people-focused challenges such as labour shortages? And how does digital transformation improve efficiency, boost productivity and protect profitability?

Join this online session on 16th March and discover:

  • The current challenges that the UK food and drink industry is facing regarding labour and skills
  • The positive impact of digital transformation on operational efficiency, productivity, and long-term profitability
  • The next steps that you can take to drive digital transformation in your business
  • How to bring employees with you on your digital transformation journey
  • The help available for businesses of all sizes to aid their digital transformation strategy



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Aptean: Joris Kolff, Senior Regional Account Director Food & Beverage EMEA 

FDF: Mark Corbett, Innovation, Employment and Skills Policy Manager

Mark will highlight the current and future challenges the industry faces which include labour shortages, stretched supply chains and rising production costs.  With the phrase ‘perfect storm’ often being used to describe the industry’s situation today, how can the adoption of digital technology and better use of data help businesses thrive?

How to Overcome Labour and Skills Challenges by Investing in Digital Transformation