Salitix: The commercial sales audit

11 July 2023

What is a Sales Audit, who are Salitix and is this service of value to my organisation?

This webinar is designed to provide an insight into the world of retrospective reconciliation of the trading arrangements, funding and supply contracts that all suppliers who trade with the Big Grocers will be familiar with.

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Goods For Resale (GFR) Audit Claims vs. A Sales Audit:

Many of you will be aware that your customers, those Retailers, regularly submit historic GFR claims to your business. These claims can be very difficult to defend when viewed in isolation – often key personal have changed, records lost, while the onus is subtly placed on the supplier to ‘prove’ the claim/demand is not valid, instead of the claimant providing categorical evidence to support their position. When immediate and prospective commercial factors become intertwined, it can be very difficult for a supplier to reject a claim, while the process itself is a validation of half a reconciliation, i.e. just those errors that the Retailer’s auditor believes are to the benefit of the Retailer.

Do you conduct your own reconciliation…?

All suppliers can and should execute their own reconciliation which mirrors the reconciliation conducted by the Retailer which allows for a more robust defence of GFR claims and the presentation and settlement of claims for errors that are in their benefit.

Who are Salitix:

Salitix are affiliate members of the FDF and experts in this process of sales reconciliation, who have established ways of working with all the Big Grocers that allow for the efficient submission and validation of sales claims, with specialist knowledge of the sorts of errors that are common to the supply side, expertise in applying GSCOP principles and insight into how to protect commercial relationships, skills that enable them to help suppliers deal more effectively with this area of their trading with their customers.

The webinar will cast a light over this work; insights into how suppliers can better protect themselves from their customers claims with simple, but effective steps, and will include a Q&A with FDF member Premier Foods who utilise Salitix services - to enable interested parties to learn more about the benefits of utilizing a professional sales auditor.



Ben Lewis: Commercial Client Relationship Director, Salitix

Toby Topcott: Operations Director, Salitix

Rob Cousins: Commercial Finance Manager, Premier Foods


Food and Drink suppliers to the big Grocery Retailers (branded in particular).

Salitix: The commercial sales audit