Food safety & workplace wellbeing webinar

15 May 2024


Join Aon’s Risk and Talent experts for this free webinar, where they will be discussing Food Safety risk and how this can be influenced by both operational and human factors including fair pay and workplace wellbeing.

The session will also cover examples of recall incidents and how a company’s response to an incident can have a direct impact on its future performance.

Join Aon's experts to gain an understanding of:

  • The Psychology underpinning safety behaviours
  • The link between workplace wellbeing and Food Safety
  • Recall and contamination case studies
  • EU Pay Directive / Adjusted Pay Gap / Compliance Reporting

If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to Richard Fawcett, Matthew Mills, or Suzanne Courtney.



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Richard Fawcett

Industry Leader for Food & Drink sector in the UK & Client Director providing risk mitigation advice and management of insurance programmes for companies across the Food & Drink sector.

Matthew Mills

Specialist in the Product Recall & Contamination insurance field. Senior placement broker negotiating and placing insurance programmes in this specific field for both UK and global companies in a range of sectors including Food & Drink.

Suzanne Courtney

Registered Occupational Psychologist and specialist in Human Capital Strategy. Expertise in EU Pay Transparency, cultivating belonging, wellbeing, rewards and incentives, workplace safety behaviours, job architecture and people advisory.



Health & Safety Manager

Quality Manager

Environmental Manager

Product Safety

Finance Directors

Chief Operating Officers

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Diversity & Inclusion officer

Head of Wellbeing

Webinar- Food safety and workplace wellbeing