What are land-related (FLAG/AFLOU) greenhouse gas emissions

17 April 2024

In 2024 the Greenhouse Gas protocol is expected to publish finalised guidance Land Sector and Removals Guidance. As of April 2023, SBTi (Science Based Targets institute) requires all retailers, food-producing company and their engaged suppliers to submit climate based targets based on FLAG (Forest Land and Agriculture) guidance.

FLAG emissions and removals are notoriously challenging to estimate and account for. In this webinar, SLR will walk through what FLAG actually is, where it might appear in your value chain and how you can make a start at estimating FLAG emissions and Removals.




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Caroline Dolan

Caroline is a principal consultant with a decade of experience working in the environmental field across a range of projects. She specialises in greenhouse gas accounting across all scopes, including land use change and land management as well as net zero. Caroline has a MSc in Environmental Management & Sustainable Development.


Stakeholders from companies who are estimating and setting targets to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Specifically, those who operate in sectors or within value chains with more intensive land use (e.g. Food and drink producers, processors and retailers).

Webinar- What are land-related (FLAG) greenhouse gas emissions?