All food and drink entering the UK, or being exported from the UK will need to undergo customs, origin and tax formalities, and comply with the relevant sanitary and phytosanitary requirements at the border or in market. Since leaving the EU, the UK has regained control over how these controls are done. These border formalities are typically there to check the health and nature of products entering the UK. However, they can cause increased cost and complexity for businesses importing and exporting.

The UK’s concept of the border for food and drink trade should stretch from the moment at which a traded order is received to the point at which it is delivered to the customer. At each stage in that process, the 2025 UK Border Strategy should be seeking to deliver data-driven process efficiency and simplification. With the EU and other key partners, the UK should be a firm advocate for the use of forms of mutual regulatory reliance to help reduce the regulatory burden on importers and exporters without compromising on food safety by maintaining high product standards.

FDF’s trade and investment strategy for food and drink sets out our plan for UK government to deliver world leading borders and customs processes.


New International Trade resource offers 3 months’ free access

FDF members can enjoy 3 months free access to the OpenBorders.Direct site an innovative new platform, packed full of content on all aspects of international trade, helping you make the most of the opportunities and highlighting the issues faced from cash flow to ICC Incoterms® 2020.

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The Food and Drink Federation responds to the government's latest border announcement

"The FDF welcomes this sensible and pragmatic step to ensure that food and drink continues to flow, and allows manufacturers access to the inputs and ingredients they need in order to continue producing the full range of products for UK shoppers and consumers."

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Report: A UK trade and investment strategy for food and drink

09 June 2022

In this report, we have set out a series of actions which champions the interests of the UK’s food and drink industry alongside delivering economic growth and providing greater choice and affordability of products for UK households.

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EU customs and trade support

We have been working to put in place a range of solutions that will help members moving goods into and out of the EU. This includes a programme of training courses, free expert guidance, customs support and staffing assistance.

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