AB Mauri informs employees on the benefits of fibre

22 May 2023

During the year 2022, AB Mauri sent out 21 messages via their internal health and wellbeing platform to inform employees of the benefits of fibre and encourage increased intake. To align with different awareness days, events such as Fibre February, BNF’s Healthy Eating Week, Bowel Cancer Awareness Month, and World Heart Day were celebrated, emphasising the connection between fibre and health.


The content was engaging and informative, using a variety of media and platforms including infographics, videos, recipes developed by the in-house chef, quizzes, posters and providing healthy snacks such as fruit baskets for all staff. Their efforts were well-received by employees with some great feedback!

Some comments include:

“We all enjoyed Healthy Eating Week at our site and picking up tips to improve our diets”,

“this campaign has been very well received at our site and I can positively say it has lifted morale”

“the fruit has arrived and has been very well received by the team!”

“Great video! A fantastic progression in engaging and communication for our business”