AB Mauri supports Fibre February

22 May 2023

AB Mauri actively participated in 4 key events in 2022 by leveraging their social media and internal communication channels. These events included Fibre February, Bowel Cancer Awareness Month, BNF's Healthy Eating Week, and Celebrating Food & Nutrition Week. 


To raise awareness and promote higher fibre diets, they created and shared original content, including videos, posters, infographics, and recipes, alongside re-posting and retweeting relevant posts.

During Fibre February, AB Mauri took part in FDF's webinar "Bridging the Fibre Gap with Innovation and Communication from Concept to Launch." They shared insights on the challenges of creating fibre-enriched bread products and how they develop technical solutions to overcome them. They also presented a case study showing a current NPD project which aims to provide an increased offering of fibre enriched products to smaller bakeries and their approach to conveying health messaging.