Daymer Ingredients promote healthier diets and increased awareness of fibre

04 May 2023

Staff at Daymer Ingredients are now changing diets to increase their fibre intake.


Daymer Ingredients has initiated lots of discussion with their internal team regarding fibre within diets with particular emphasis on the nutritional benefits of a high fibre diet.

During discussions, the majority of the team initially believed their consumption of fibre was meeting the recommended amount. When they calculated the amount of fibre intake on an average day, they soon discovered they were falling short of the recommendations. On further discussion it transpired the awareness of fibre content within different foods was incorrect along with the recommended daily amount being grossly underestimated or, in some cases, unknown.

Staff have reported they now feel a lot more knowledgeable about this subject and are passing this knowledge on to family and friends. As a result, staff members are now making an informed and conscious effort to increase consumption of fibre within their diet or change their food choice.