KP Snacks commitment to promote higher fibre diets to employees

23 May 2023

When KP Snacks signed up to the FDF Action on Fibre pledge in September 2021, they highlighted their commitments to their employees via their internal digital communications platform, KP4ME.


The messaging not only explained the FDF initiative and KP Snacks’ involvement, but also highlighted the fibre content of the KP Nuts portfolio and explained why it is important to include fibre as part of a healthy diet. To further educate employees, KP Snacks directed them to NHS guidance on how to get more fibre into their daily diets.

In June 2022, KP Snacks followed up with a communication entitled “Fibre facts – are you getting enough?”. This coincided with British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) Healthy Eating Week, which included a focus on fibre theme. The communication shared the BNF’s focus on fibre meal inspirations and reiterated key messages on fibre, while providing links to further useful resources. Overall, KP Snacks' efforts demonstrate their commitment to promoting healthy eating habits and providing valuable resources to their employees.