Nomad Foods new content to promote higher fibre diets

04 May 2023

Across 2022, Nomad Foods launched numerous pieces of content (all adhering to the Nutrition and Health claims regulation), in addition to recipes and recipe inspiration to promote and make easier the adoption of higher fibre diets.


Key activities included:

  • Sharing 11 new pieces of social media content across our Birds Eye and Aunt Bessie’s social media accounts, delivering fibre educational messaging and/or higher fibre recipe inspiration to 300K followers
  • Creating new ‘source of fibre’ and ‘rich in fibre’ logos in-house, and applied to 50 products on our Birds Eye and Aunt Bessie’s brand websites to more clearly signpost to consumers products which are a source of/rich in fibre
  • Developing 5 new ‘Fibre Boost’ recipes (providing at least 7.5g fibre per portion), launched these via our social media channels, and house on the Birds Eye and Aunt Bessie’s brand websites. These posts generated 887 interactions & 114.6K impressions.
  • Creating 1 new fibre educational page in our Birds Eye brand website Nutrition Hub, which was viewed >200 times across February 2022

Additional work to develop serving suggestions was in-plan, however owing to re-prioritisation following events in February 2022, this work wasn’t able to go ahead.