Quorn Foods launched higher fibre recipes

04 May 2023

In 2022, Quorn launched a high fibre recipe section (and filter), within the recipe pages on the Quorn UK website. Consumers are reminded that they should consume at least 30g of fibre per day and are pointed towards a total of 49 vegan or vegetarian recipes, which include all include Quorn, as a means of incorporating more fibre into the diet in a tasty and sustainable way.


Quorn Nutrition, Quorn’s social media platform for health care professionals, disseminates the nutrition and health science behind mycoprotein. Posts in 2022 included a ‘myth busting’ series to correct misconceptions about mycoprotein, with one such post focusing on dietary fibre. The platform also hosted a ‘tweetorial’, highlighting the fact that mycoprotein is a source of fibre and can help increase fibre intake. The ‘tweetorial’ also highlighted the fact that children in the UK are not meeting fibre recommendations. Through Quorn Nutrition we aim to raise awareness of mycoprotein, fibre, and diet amongst health care professionals, with a view that such knowledge helps inform practice to improve health.