Tate & Lyle engagement with stakeholders

22 May 2023

Tate & Lyle has engaged with Food & Beverage manufacturers, Health Care Professionalss and nutritionist at a number of face to face and virtual events over the last 12 months.


These include: Positive Nutrition 2022 - Americas Feeding the gut agenda (attended by over 300 attendees), Food Navigator’s - New hope for closing the dietary fibre gap (attended by over 300 attendees) and BNF’s Reformulating for healthy sustainable diets - how could fibre and alternative proteins help? (Attended by over 800 attendees)

They also carried out our own ‘Fibre University’ series, educating stakeholders on the role of fibres in reducing sugars in ice cream and frozen desserts – which saw over 1000 registrations. They have developed and deployed three e-mail and digital marketing campaigns including one to promote the launch of our Fibre Calculator and two waves to promote our PROMITOR products.

The Fibre Calculator educational campaign reached more than 700,000 consumers through ads on Facebook + Instagram (most successful channel), LinkedIn and Google ads. More than 10,000 consumers accessed the calculator during the campaign period (between October and November 2022). The PROMITOR campaign reached more than 200,000 people in 3 different geographies through email marketing, LinkedIn Ads, Google and other ad placements.

On a global level we have collaborated with Kelloggs and Danone to create courses on fibres and the gut microbiota, which are available for free.