Tate & Lyle’s commitment to research and development on fibre

22 May 2023

Over the last 12 months Tate & Lyle has invested in research that looks at fibres for brain health and cognition, fibres for immune benefits, fibres for cardiometabolic health. They have also commissioned an in vitro screener to assess the potential of different fibres to provide health benefits.


Over the next two years they plan to invest in further research that has a focus on gut health and the importance of fibre, including health modelling into the impact of fibre intake in the Chinese population.

In the last year, they have produced a wealth of articles, press releases, video content, social posts and education content that promotes higher fibre diets and information on how to improve gut health.

These include over 5 pieces of video content on our website and social channels, 2 podcasts, over 20 blog posts, PR releases and articles – focusing on a range of topics from – fibre reformulation, how to eat more fibre, the importance of a healthy gut, how to close your fibre gap.