Kellanova general progress in addressing the fibre gap

16 April 2024

Kellanova continues to make efforts to bridge the fibre gap


In 2023 Kellanova (the company behind Kellogg’s and Pringles) continued its decades- long commitment to improving public health through reducing sugar and salt and adding micronutrients and fibre to products.

In 2023 Kellanova launched 6 new fibre-containing NPD lines: 2 providing a source of fibre and 4 ‘high in fibre’. Assuming a fibre serving of 3g; in total these products provided 27.9 million fibre servings to the UK across 2023.

Kellanova also renovated four cereal products in the same year to make all four products high in fibre. The impact of this reformulation project has increased fibre servings from the four lines to 37 million serves annually; an increase of seven million.

Part of Kellanova’s commitment to wellbeing is to continue work on making the majority of our cereals and snacks a ‘source of’ or ‘high in fibre’.