Progress Towards Action on Fibre Pledges Cereal Partners UK

16 April 2024

Cereal Partners UK continued to launch new and reformulate existing products in 2023 to which were either ‘high in’ or ‘a source of’ fibre (Nesquik Choco Waves, Shreddies Raspberry & White Chocolate and Shredded Wheat Honey Nut).


In 2023, CPUK activated a ‘Wake Up to the Magic of Whole Grain’ campaign, with support in a select number of retailers. As well as driving purchase, overall, the campaign raised awareness of whole grain and fibre as an important part of a balanced diet. Brands featured included CHEERIOS, SHREDDIES and SHREDDED WHEAT, all of which are high in fibre. The campaign engaged with consumers at every touchpoint; in-store media and online. The key visual further reiterated messaging by featuring our standout green banner and whole grain tick.

Cereal Partners UK also launched a new website article to inspire consumer on high fibre breakfast ideas and optimised a previous fibre article we had on the website to make it more relevant and better for search. They also celebrated International Whole Grain Day 2023 with a webinar, competition and workplace post as well as externally on Nestlé Cereals Instagram pages.

Across appropriate products launched in 2023, Cereal Partners UK continued to add the green banner showing ‘Whole Grain No.1 Ingredient’. The Green Banner continues to cement Cereal Partners UK’s commitment towards making it easier for consumers to recognise products which contain whole grain and fibre. Alongside this, shopper communication on the ‘Wake Up to the Magic of Whole Grain’ campaign pulled out the messaging of ‘just look for the green banner’ to educate consumers further that Nestlé Cereals with the green banner contains at least 8 grams of whole grain in each 30g serving.

Through these actions and pledges, Cereal Partners UK are keen to continue to support the FDF Action on Fibre committee to help to bridge the gap between fibre intakes and dietary recommendations.