Progress Towards Action on Fibre Pledges Nestlé UK&I

16 April 2024

Nestlé recognises the importance of promoting fibre consumption and educating consumers and employees about its benefits. Nestlé have aimed to do this through five pledges reaching different areas of the business.


In 2023, Nestlé continued to support existing products to encourage increased fibre consumption through marketing initiatives, renovation and NPD. As part of a renovation project for the Nestlé Professional Garden Gourmet Vegan Sensational Burger, fibre was increased by 79% (from 3.9g to 7.0g per 100g as sold), while also reducing energy, fat, and saturated fat and maintaining compliance with UK Government Salt Targets.

Fibre content on packaging is always labelled and, where applicable, products are supported with fibre-related communications. To support new product launches such as the new ‘Maggi Pan-Perfect Teriyaki’ higher fibre ingredients were used as a default in recipe suggestions and in other recipe content tips or promotion of vegetables continued to support increased fibre consumption.

For employees, Nestlé supported fibre-related events throughout the year, through sampling high fibre products and sharing fibre-centred resources. During Healthy Eating Week Nestlé collaborated with the Nature’s Heart Team to sample over 3,785 portions of their Crunch range with each serving providing 7-9g of fibre.

Nestlé have continued to work with customers in the foodservice business to implement nutrition guidelines, recommending that each dish is high in fibre, but also considers calories, vegetable servings and Government Salt Targets. Nestlé has also worked with their development chefs to create a range of recipes that meet these guidelines which are published on the website, showcased at trade events and in marketing materials such as the Tuck In Trend Guides.

Continuing to support workplace catering teams across the Nestlé sites has been key in enabling employees to increase their fibre intakes. Through updating catering standards to ensure more whole grain and higher fibre options were offered, increasing the availability of salads and free fruit available to employees has made increasing fibre intakes more accessible.

Through these actions and pledges, Nestlé are keen to continue to support the FDF Action on Fibre committee to help to bridge the gap between fibre intakes and dietary recommendations.