National and Regional Report 2024: Powering communities across our nation - Scottish focus

05 March 2024

This report highlights the strong and resourceful story of our industry - with manufacturing sites in communities across Scotland, supporting 44,000 people with good jobs, and great careers and adding £4.2 billion to the economy.


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With the report data demonstrating the resilience of our industry, at a time when manufacturers have faced several challenges over recent years, from Brexit, Covid-19, extreme weather and the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Each region and nation of the UK has played a vital role in ensuring food and drink is enjoyed by consumers at home and exported around the world, helping to power communities in all four corners of the UK.

In Scotland food and drink manufacturing contributes:

  • 14.6% of total UK food and drink manufacturing GVA
  • 10.8% of the UK’s food and drink manufacturing turnover
  • 31.3% of total UK food and drink exports

Read the full FDF report on how food and drink manufacturing is powering communities across the UK