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We all know that the impacts of a poor diet and obesity are profound. The Scottish Government's obesity prevention plan: A Healthier Future highlights the visions and ambitions of improving diet and health across our nation.

Recipe reformulation is rated as one of the most effective ways industry can help improve dietary health.

Our Reformulation team is helping small to medium sized food companies to reformulate their products. This support is available for both FDF members and non-members. This project is funded by the Scottish Government and we work with a range of partners to help businesses access a wide range of support and funding.

What is reformulation?

Reformulation involves making changes to an existing recipe to boost the health profile of the product. We work to enable the 8 principles of reformulation which will have the biggest impact on the dietary health of the consumer.

The process of reformulating is different for each manufacturer. We will review your current nutritional specification, and benchmark this against existing market trends to ensure that any work done now strengthens your product’s longevity, we will map any upcoming industry guidelines and legislations which may affect your product. We use a holistic approach to reformulation, and will present all the nutritional improvements for your product that could be achieved through reformulation.

Most importantly, we will encompass what is important to your brand specifically and ensure that reformulation works for you.

Working with us

The reformulation for Health team will work to find a tailored solution for each business. This may include reducing fat, salt and sugars from products; or increasing levels of fibre and fruits and vegetables within foods; or even looking at portion size and clearer labelling information. No two reformulation projects are the same, and while some may be as simple as replacing salt for a low sodium alternative, others may utilise multiple principles to get the most out of your reformulation.

While we are here to support Scottish SME size manufacturers, we understand that there are other key influencers to reformulation. We can work with ingredient suppliers or manufacturers who feed into Scotland, as making a change to one pre-made ingredient can help hundreds of manufacturers who use these ingredients in Scotland. 

With our Reformul8 Partnership we are working to bring together all these influencers, to improve connectivity and make reformulation more facile. If you are involved in reformulation in any way, we would love to discuss opportunities to collaborate.

Get in touch to find out how we can help your business now!


The 8 Principles of Reformulation


Reformulation for Health Showcase event


We are thrilled to announce our in-person showcase event:

Reformulation for Health; Celebrate, Collaborate, Reformulate

Join us on 16th June 11am to 3pm at the Thistle suite, Murrayfield stadium, Edinburgh to celebrate the successes of the Reformulation for Health programme and the Scottish brands reformulating for the benefit of the nation’s health.

The food industry never stands still, and as consumer and policy priorities bring health to the forefront, momentum for reformulation has never been so strong. While many manufacturers have started reviewing the health profile of their produce and seeking ways to improve through reformulation, it remains on the “to do” list… or is yet to be added to the list, for others. We want to make sure that manufacturers are empowered with the information and resources they need to take on reformulation, staying ahead of the game and in control of their brands.

We are bringing together many of the key players in reformulation, to learn from recent successes, get to grips with the policy landscape shaping reformulation, and connect with stakeholders who can help you achieve a successful reformulation project on your terms. 

The event is free and we welcome both members and non-members of the FDF. Please register using the above link, and contact for queries and support.

Reformulation for Health success report

The Reformulation for Health programme, funded by the Scottish Government, is transforming the way we produce food and drink in Scotland. Since our launch in 2019, we have achieved so much, including:

  • Engaged hundreds of businesses to help make Scotland healthier
  • Supported businesses to reformulate Scotland’s everyday food, cutting fat, sugar and salt and improving nutritional content
  • Involved the whole food system – from suppliers to retailers and caterers – in our drive for healthier food

Read our latest success report here to learn how we have supported industry since the project's launch in 2019.


Salt awareness week

In line with Salt Awareness Week this week, we are getting serious about salt.

Salts come in many shapes and forms, but the one most commonly used in the food industry is the compound Sodium Chloride.  It plays an important role in many food technology processes and is used widely as a seasoning. High levels of sodium in the body can, however, lead to high blood pressure, heart diseases and stroke, so it is important that adults consume no more than 6g a day.

High blood pressure often has no symptoms, so while the tightening of your favourite pair of jeans might hint to your calorie consumption, you could remain unaware that you are consuming too much salt.

Reducing salt is one of our key principles of reformulation, and an area of reformulation that we expect to see increased activity in. Why?

🧂 The next round of Public Health England salt and sodium targets, applicable across the UK, are in place to be achieved by 2024.

🧂 Sales and advertising restrictions for products considered High in Fat, Sugar or Salt (HFSS) affecting products sold in England, come in to play in October 2022.

🧂 Health continues to be a key trend with health-conscious consumers.

With this in mind, do you have the information you need about salt’s role in food, and how to reduce it? If not, don’t worry! The Reformulation for Health team are here to provide free technical advice and support to help you reformulate and stay ahead of the game.

✔️ Listen to our Sodium reduction solutions webinar which took place on the 17th March to learn about salt’s place in public health, and methods of salt reduction using alternative ingredients.

✔️ Tune in to our “Sodium solutions” podcast to hear about some of the salt and sodium reduction projects we are supporting. You can access the podcast here on buzzsprout, on our podcasts page, or via your usual podcast provider: search for “Food and Drink Federation Scotland” and subscribe to our channel.

✔️ We have a network of ingredient suppliers who can help with salt reduction, from seaweed, flavour enhancers, to low sodium salt blends. Scottish manufacturers can get in touch for free reformulation support.

✔️ Sign up to our newsletter to receive invitations to our future events, industry updates, and notification of future funding opportunities. 

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Reformul8 Partnership

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