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We all know that the impacts of a poor diet and obesity are profound. The Scottish Government's obesity prevention plan: A Healthier Future highlights the visions and ambitions of improving diet and health across our nation.

Recipe reformulation is rated as one of the most effective ways industry can help improve dietary health.

Our Reformulation team is helping small to medium sized food companies to reformulate their products. This support is available for both FDF members and non-members. This project is funded by the Scottish Government and we work with a range of partners to help businesses access a wide range of support and funding.

What is reformulation?

Reformulation involves making changes to an existing recipe to boost the health profile of the product. We work to enable the 8 principles of reformulation which will have the biggest impact on the dietary health of the consumer.

The process of reformulating is different for each manufacturer. We will review your current nutritional specification, and benchmark this against existing market trends to ensure that any work done now strengthens your product’s longevity, we will map any upcoming industry guidelines and legislations which may affect your product. We use a holistic approach to reformulation, and will present all the nutritional improvements for your product that could be achieved through reformulation.

Most importantly, we will encompass what is important to your brand specifically and ensure that reformulation works for you.

Working with us

The reformulation for Health team will work to find a tailored solution for each business. This may include reducing fat, salt and sugars from products; or increasing levels of fibre and fruits and vegetables within foods; or even looking at portion size and clearer labelling information. No two reformulation projects are the same, and while some may be as simple as replacing salt for a low sodium alternative, others may utilise multiple principles to get the most out of your reformulation.

While we are here to support Scottish SME size manufacturers, we understand that there are other key influencers to reformulation. We can work with ingredient suppliers or manufacturers who feed into Scotland, as making a change to one pre-made ingredient can help hundreds of manufacturers who use these ingredients in Scotland. 

With our Reformul8 Partnership we are working to bring together all these influencers, to improve connectivity and make reformulation more facile. If you are involved in reformulation in any way, we would love to discuss opportunities to collaborate.

Get in touch to find out how we can help your business now!


The 8 Principles of Reformulation

Resources and opportunities

Podcast: Focus on Fibre

Fibre is often the forgotten part of our diet, but it has the opportunity to be a solution to many reformulation challenges. Tune in to our podcast as we discuss what fibre is, our current intake levels and the role and functionality of fibres within food manufacturing. 

This podcast is hosted by FDF Scotland’s Reformulation for Health Programme, with input from:

  • Jisun Lee, Head of Innovation, EDME Food Ingredients
  • Amy Glass, UK Diet and Health Policy Manager, FDF
  • Joanne Burns, Reformulation for Health Manager, FDF Scotland
  • Harriet Heath, Reformulation Executive, FDF Scotland

Listen to the podcast here

Podcast: A spotlight on sugars

Reformulation & Portion sizes Diet and health

Sugar is a staple ingredient in many recipes, but consumers in the UK are now eating too much sugar with damaging impacts on their health.

Food and drink manufacturers are responding to this by reducing the levels of sugars in their recipes, helping meet the growing consumer demand for healthier options and improve dietary health.

Do you want to understand more about the types of sugar in your food? Maybe you are sceptical of how sugar could be replaced in food if it is such an important ingredient? It’s Sugar Awareness Week, and the topic of sugar in snacking is on everyone’s lips.

Join us as we discuss this topic with some of our Reformul8 Partners:

  • Kawther Hashem, CASSH
  • Julie Mee, Zusto
  • Rory Skinner, Treat Cheats

Listen to the podcast here

Webinar: Focus on Fibre

Learn about functional fibres and how they play a starring role in reformulation by helping to not only increase fibre, but also reduce levels of fat, sugar and calories to meet UK nutritional targets.⠀⠀
We are thrilled to have input from With input from:⠀
Dr Janice Taylor, Programme lead Food Science, Glasgow Caledonian University⠀
Paul McKnight, Research & Development Manager at Macphie of Glenbervie ⠀
Jennifer Clarke, Business Development Manager and Chew Tan, Applications Manager at Daymer Foods⠀
This event is open for non-FDF members as well as our current members. 


Register here 


Scottish food businesses receive funding to make their recipes healthier

Food and Drink Federation (FDF) Scotland has provided funding to 12 food businesses from across Scotland to help them make their products healthier.

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FDF Scotland’s manifesto sets out producer’s priorities

Ahead of the Scottish Parliament elections, FDF Scotland is calling for a platform to help our world-renowned food and drink industry recover from coronavirus and Brexit, and to return to growth.

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Reformul8 Partnership

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