Nowadays, every employer needs to think about how best to recruit, retain and develop staff.

Labour shortages mean that most food and drink businesses are competing with other employers and sectors for good staff. One solution is to offer workforce development and skills development opportunities: as well as making you an employer of choice, they can help you raise productivity and service levels.

Our workforce development resources and links can set you on your way.

Build resilience by building skills

A more skilled and engaged workforce can help businesses of all sizes to weather uncertainties and crises. Read our case studies to get some tips.

Border Biscuits: What we learned in 2020

When it comes to the crunch, businesses need to think about their people and their ability to adapt how they work. Both will take you through the challenges of the next few years.

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Macsween of Edinburgh: Going back to basics can work wonders

However successful a business, it can benefit from de-constructing the way it does things. At Macsween, we completely reviewed our operations and culture, and are more productive and resilient as a result.

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More skills for resilience case studies

Fair work case studies

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Case Study

Fair work at Galloway Lodge

“The concept of Fair Work is pretty simple. It’s basically ‘Do to others as you do to yourself’. I’ve got no business if I don’t have my staff, so why wouldn’t I want to look after them and be fair?”

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Case Study

Fair work at Arla

“If you train people to be the best they can be, and treat them well, they won’t want to go anywhere else. As well as good retention and loyalty, you get better morale, better productivity and a closer working relationship.”

Sutherlands of Portsoy

Case Study

Fair work at Sutherlands of Portsoy

“If you can eliminate employees’ stresses, you have a more productive and more loyal workforce. People buy into the company and want it to succeed if they feel valued by the company."

Scott Brothers Butchers

Case Study

Fair work at Scott Brothers Butchers

“I speak to virtually to every member of staff every day … I don’t know how else you would run a business."

Matthew Algie

Case Study

Fair work at Matthew Algie

“I’m a big fan of workforce development. I struggle to see a downside to it. In our experience, it’s never been easier to get hold of information and support on Fair Work and best practice.”

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Foundation Apprenticeship in Food and Drink Technologies

Take a look at what young people studying for the Foundation Apprenticeship in Food and Drink Technologies really think about the course and the opportunities it provides for career progression.

A Foundation Apprenticeship provides young people with a nationally recognised qualification, real work experience AND the opportunity to find out what careers are available in the Scottish food and drink industry.

For employers, offering a young person work experience to achieve the Foundation Apprenticeship is an excellent opportunity to engage with your future workforce.

Find out more about the Foundation Apprenticeship in Food and Drink Technologies (1 min)
Find out more about the Foundation Apprenticeship in Food and Drink Technologies (30 sec)
Find out more about the Foundation Apprenticeship in Food and Drink Technologies (15 sec)

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Get the benefits of Fair Work

Businesses in sectors from coffee to meat to dairy to seafood are using Fair Work practices to attract (and keep) staff and win new business. Our case studies tell you how.

Become an employer of choice

Apprenticeships can help you attract new staff and upskill your employees. Benefits can include better productivity and staff morale, and there’s plenty of support available.

Get more info about apprenticeships

Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) can help you link up with local schools and colleges and raise your profile locally.

Find out more about the support DYW offers or get contact details for your regional group.

Doing your own research on what other companies offer staff could strengthen your own workforce development approach. Job sites can give insights on this.

See what other employers think about apprenticeships

Resource: Apprenticeship Employer Surveys 2020

Stats from Skills Development Scotland surveys show the benefits that apprenticeships bring to businesses.

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Apprenticeship Employer Surveys 2020