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Diet and health in Scotland

FDF Scotland and our members take the health of the Scottish people and wider population very seriously - particularly in relation to rising obesity levels.

Over the past five years FDF members have reduced energy in the average basket by 5.5% and sugars by 12.1%. During the lifetime of the latest salt targets (2012- 2017) FDF's members have reduced salt content by a further 11.4%, continuing to build on more than 15 years of steady reformulation work. (Kantar Worldpanel UK data for FDF total membership).

We are building on this success in Scotland by providing support to help SMEs to reformulate their products for health. Our Reformulation Project Manager, funded by the Scottish Government, will help small food businesses capitalise on support and funding to make their products healthier.
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The Scottish Government's direction

Scotland's Obesity Prevention Plan

In July 2018, the Scottish government published their obesity prevention plan 'A Healthier Future'. This includes an ambition, similar to England, to halve childhood obesity by 2030 and reduce health inequalities. FDF called for government support for SMEs to reformulate products. This has resulted in Scottish Government investing £200,000 to help companies reformulate their products and they are also developing a wider package of support. We are working with Scottish Government and Food Standards Scotland to ensure this support meets the needs of food and drink companies.

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Plans to restrict promotion and marketing of foods high in fat sugar and Salt

The Scottish Government is pressing ahead with plans to restrict food and drink promotions and advertising. This is very concerning for our members, especially since there is no evidence of the effectiveness of these measures in reducing our waist lines. FDF Scotland has been clear that these restrictions are most likely to affect smaller Scottish businesses who use pricing and promotions to increase on-shelf visibility.

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Last reviewed: 10 Sep 2019