Statistics at a Glance

A successful food and drink sector is a vital component of a healthy Scottish economy and is classed as a priority industry.

  1. We employ around 45,000 people, 25% of the Scottish manufacturing workforce
  2. Our gross value added to the economy is £3.8bn, 29.7% of Scottish manufacturing value added
  3. We are Scotland's largest manufacturing sector, accounting for 30% of total manufacturing turnover
  4. 95% of our businesses are SMEs
  5. We have 1,015 food and drink manufacturing businesses
  6. In 2017, food and drink exports from Scotland have increased by 11% to £6bn
  7. Food and drink manufacturing accounts for around 73% of Scotland's full supply chain turnover & 39% of the number of people it employs
  8. We will need 19,000 new recruits by 2024 to meet the skills need of the sector

Please note, FDF Scotland previously calculated stats on food and soft drink manufacturing; we now use stats for food and drink manufacturing – including alcohol.

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